Gurl Power…No, Really.

After my first year of high school, I was fulfilled and broken all at the same time. I was blown away at the issues faced by high school girls. There were jailed mothers, missing mothers, eating disorders, abusive relationships, drug abuse. And that’s just a handful of girls out of an entire high school student body of girls. A few days ago, it clicked. I should start a big sister, little sister type club at school. One that meets monthly to go over a girl-empowering topic, whether it be how to change a flat tire or domestic violence or eating disorders. I was curious if there was a national club that had chapters in high schools already, but I didn’t find much of anything. I found organizations that focus on low-income areas–mostly minority populations. However, my school is the exact opposite. An affluent, mostly white area. The pressure of such a society is particularly hard on young girls. They’re expected to look perfect, be the perfect debutante, and not speak a word. This club would obviously cover many touchy topics, so I’m pretty nervous to propose the idea. But it’s worth a shot. Now I just need to come up with a name…


ASU Professor and Excessive Force: Media’s Portrayal of Cops

I am so sick and tired of police officers being targeted and bashed for using so-called “excessive force” on absolute morons who deserve the force they received. I was just finished up another post while watching Inside Edition Weekend when I saw this story about an ASU professor who was slammed to the ground by a police officer after she was found guilty of jaywalking. I immediately became annoyed with the “news” source after they basically said that the force was ridiculous because it was just jaywalking. What these ignorant news sources don’t get is that she wasn’t slammed to the ground because of jaywalking. She was slammed because she was resisting arrest and refusing to identify herself, as the dashcam audio clearly shows. As they say in the article:

Shocking, just-released police dashcam video has surfaced as a University professor is slammed to the ground, and you won’t believe why.

Police say she was jaywalking.

They are clueless. They are simply harboring more and more hate for police officers, not realizing the effects this has on America’s law enforcement families.

The article discusses how the officer didn’t care about her dress riding up, and infers how disrespectful this is of the woman.

The dashcam video then shows the cop trying to handcuff her, while she tells him her short dress is riding up and exposing her.  

Cop: “Put your hand behind your back right now.  I’m gonna slam you on this car. Put your hand behind your back.”

Ore: “You really want to do that? Do you see what I’m wearing?”

Cop: “I don’t care what you’re wearing. Put your hand behind your back right now!”

Do you realize how many cops would be dead right now if they stopped attempting to arrest wrong-doers because of wardrobe malfunctions? There’s no way for a cop to know whether the person is planning to harm them via that distraction, or whether they really just want their clothes adjusted. I’d prefer my husband preserve a female’s decency and modesty during an arrest, but if something slips while she’s acting like a moron, so be it.

Then there’s this idea that because she’s a professor, she should be treated differently.

Ore: “Don’t talk to me like this. This entire thing has been about your lack of respect for me, for me as a citizen, as a professor of the University of Arizona State!”

When you break the law, regardless of the charge, you are subject to the same punishment as everyone else. Professors, doctors, lawyers, teachers–they can be just as crazy and dangerous as a gang member.

In 99% of these cases, the situations would have been prevented if the suspect simply complied with the handcuff restraint. The article says this:

Professor Ore faces charges of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, all from a simple case of jaywalking.

“It got real scary really quick,” Ore told INSIDE EDITION.

But what the article fails to make clear is that the resisting arrest is what caused ALL of this. If she would have stopped running her mouth and swinging her arms in the air while he was trying to cuff her, this never would have happened.

But instead, we have ignorant news sources reporting these stories about horrendous police officers who use “excessive force” against “respectable” citizens. Instead of police officers being seen as a source of safety and trust, they are seen as evil, manipulative, forceful men (and sometimes women). So, people like myself have to watch my back when I come home every night. I have to worry about people keying my car because it has a police sticker on it. I have to worry about people committing random harmful acts against my husband or family members (or myself), just because my husband is a cop. I have to worry about my son being ostracized when he goes to school one day–because his dad is a bad guy. When in reality, he is a HERO.

Police officers are heroes. There are a few that need their badges stripped of them, but the rest of them–heroes. They sacrifice sleep, time with family, health, and so many other things to protect people they don’t even know. More often than taking down a rude jaywalker, they are talking down suicidal jumpers, comforting families after the death of a 95-year-old at his home, finding a boy’s stolen Playstation, saving women from domestic abuse, saving your children from drunk drivers…I could go on.

I refuse to continue to watch any news source that keeps enforcing the idea that police officers are crooked, evil people. I refuse to watch a news source that furthers the risk we already feel as the law enforcement family of America. See ya later, Inside Edition.