Gurl Power…No, Really.

After my first year of high school, I was fulfilled and broken all at the same time. I was blown away at the issues faced by high school girls. There were jailed mothers, missing mothers, eating disorders, abusive relationships, drug abuse. And that’s just a handful of girls out of an entire high school student body of girls. A few days ago, it clicked. I should start a big sister, little sister type club at school. One that meets monthly to go over a girl-empowering topic, whether it be how to change a flat tire or domestic violence or eating disorders. I was curious if there was a national club that had chapters in high schools already, but I didn’t find much of anything. I found organizations that focus on low-income areas–mostly minority populations. However, my school is the exact opposite. An affluent, mostly white area. The pressure of such a society is particularly hard on young girls. They’re expected to look perfect, be the perfect debutante, and not speak a word. This club would obviously cover many touchy topics, so I’m pretty nervous to propose the idea. But it’s worth a shot. Now I just need to come up with a name…


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