The Domino Effect of Generosity

I always like to share moments that restore faith in humanity, even if just a little bit.

Yesterday, I sadly drove by a closed Chick-Fil-A as I was leaving BootCamp at the gym. After literally dripping sweat from my nose and eyelashes, all I wanted was a chicken sandwich and sweet tea. Literally every time I leave the gym, I’m starving. And literally every time I leave the gym, I’m forced to drive by Chick-Fil-A. Needless to say, today, I was gonna get my chicken sandwich, dag on it! I packed up the kiddo when he woke up from his nap and we headed out.

Single mothers will definitely understand the next scene, only I’m not single. Just the wife of a night-shift cop.

I’m being stared at from the moment I walk in the door because my kid’s shoes have fallen off and I’m trying to wrestle him because he wants to walk but he doesn’t have shoes on so I won’t let him. Then I’m trying to dig through my purse for a debit card while holding him. Then I’m trying to carry him, two drinks, and a tray to a table…while steering a highchair. And everyone is just watching me do it all and either wondering how or contemplating helping me. Then, thank goodness, we have a peaceful lunch with no food-throwing or tantrums. Then it’s time to leave. I’m steering his highchair with one hand (he thinks it’s a fun ride) while balancing the tray of trash with the other. I need to order my husband’s food and tea to take home and get a refill for my sweet tea. I get that done. I get to my car and place our drinks, his food, and M’s shoes (which have fallen off again) on the roof. I get him strapped in his seat, and then it happens.

I hear a thud. Nope not a car accident. Worse. D’s sweet tea falls off the car (somehow) and crashes to the ground with such ferocity that the cup breaks. I immediately decided I’d just give him my refill. To save the God-awful seagulls, I pick up the cup, lid, and straw and proceed to throw them in my car to throw away at home. Then, an angel in the form of a Chick-Fil-A manager appears. I’m sure everyone in the restaurant was watching my fiasco, including her. Out she comes with another sweet tea–even though she wasn’t the one to even take my order. I guess I just look like a sweet tea kind of girl. That kind gesture absolutely made my day.


So much so, that the rest of the day–at two banks and at the grocery store, I found myself being generous and extremely kind to everyone I come in contact with.

We often underestimate the power of a kind gesture. A sweet tea, a dollar, a helping hand, a smile. These things have a domino effect. When someone shows you one of these generosities, it’s almost as if you can’t help but feel to return the favor to another stranger. If you’ve gotten through my longwindedness (a.k.a English teacher syndrome), I challenge you to do one generous act today or tomorrow. Even if it’s something so simple that you think that it won’t matter. Trust me, it will.


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