Short Hair Steals the Top Spot

If you haven’t noticed lately (a.k.a. if you live under a rock), celebs are starting to move away from the typical long wavy hairstyle to edgy, textured, short styles. Regardless of who started it (Miley?), it’s on now!

Check out these transformations and get hair inspiration to go for it and chop it off!


Jennifer Lawrence is pretty much a style icon these days. Even other celebs (see below) are stealing this style.


Kaley Cuoco Sweeting (who has since gone even shorter–a haircut just like Jennifer’s) no longer looks like the typical dumb blonde (but still plays one).

           pamela anderson

Even Pam Anderson caught on! She doesn’t look like a porn star anymore, and that’s always a plus.

If Beyonce does it, it must be in. She went from an asymmetrical bob to a pixie. I personally love the bob.


Whitney Port is known for her long, beachy waves, but I’m loving her new lob!


I think she could pull off a bald head, but her textured bob was the inspo for my recent chop!


Probably my favorite transformation. There is nothing like a full head of natural curls (been there), but this look is amazing on her! Now I just want to see her rock the natural curl afro! That would be…interesting.


It takes some guts to be the only Victoria Secret model without butt-length wavy hair, but Karlie Kloss pulls it off like no other. Dare I say that the hair even conveys more sexiness than her long locks? (And I think Taylor Swift may have used her as inspo for her own short cut).

So, it’s pretty clear that if you’re contemplating cutting off your hair, you should do it. It’s all the rage. Fads aside, short hair has become the new sexy, wavy, long hair look. To me, short hair says, “I am playful and like to have fun, but when it’s time, I get down to business and you better not mess with me.” Sounds like the perfect balance to me.

      short hair long hair

My own transformation! Granted my hair was half wet in the before picture, but I’m loving my short hair! I feel much more carefree, fun, and edgy!


2 thoughts on “Short Hair Steals the Top Spot

  1. Your hair looks great! I have been rocking long hair forever and I am debating whether to take the plunge and go short. I know it’s just hair but I am terrified that I’ll hate it the minute I do it. If I had a guarantee my hair would look as cute as yours, I’d totally do it!


    • Thank you! My best advice is to pick a cut based on the texture of your hair. My former ringlets faded to loose waves via pregnancy, so I chose a length and texture that fit that. I always find it helpful to find celebrities with the same hair type as mine (curl/straight, thickness, etc.) and I check out what hairstyles they have had over the years. It may be overdone, but… “It grows back!”


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